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Parking & Handicapped Information

We offer IUP students and others the opportunity to obtain parking permits for our parish lot. The annual fee is $300 for the academic year (certain parking restrictions apply) or $150.00 per semester.  We also offer Summer Term Parking, contact the parish office for details.  Parking is available for IUP faculty and employees year round, and the parish office can be contacted for monthly fees. 

To view​ more of this policy, you can download the 2023-24 Parking Contract.​

There are many handicapped parking spaces available to access both the office / lounge on the lower level and the church on the upper level of the building. 

Purchase Parking Permit ​

Parking Restrictions

Everyone with a parking pass must find alternative parking from 12:00 p.m., Saturday until 8:30 p.m., Sunday to enable parking for weekend Masses.

Parking pass holders must also find alternative parking for certain events during the school year, i.e. Newman Used Book Sale weekend and holy days.  These are noted on the contract and hang tag. 

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact our parish o​ffice at ​724-463-2277​.​​​​​